Canada Day in Laval


Find all the important information about Canada Day 2024 in Laval.

Centre de la Nature
901 Av. du Parc, Laval, QC H7E 2T7

How to get there?

The place

Canada Day will take place on the lakefront of the Centre de la nature of Laval.

The Centre de la nature is located in the quadrilateral formed by route 125 (boulevard Pie-IX - pont Pie-IX), boulevard Saint-Martin Est, avenue du Parc and boulevard de la Concorde Est

Public transportation

On foot, by bike

On foot route (choose your place of departure)

Cycling route (choose your place of departure)

Bus or metro

Consult the Société de transport de Laval (STL) website to find your route.

Access by car


Route by car
(choose your place of departure)

Parking lots

P1 parking: access via Boulevard de la Concorde East
Parking lots P4 and P5: access via Avenue du Parc
P3 parking: reserved for people with reduced mobility
Parking is free and accessible to all.

Centre de la nature

More information and map on the Centre de la nature website.

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Thank you to our partners who make Canada Day in Laval possible.

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Canada Day in Laval